VSCO Film 5

Recently, Visual Supply Co. released their 5th set of film emulation presets. For photographers such as myself, It is a absolute privilege to be able to emulate film on to digital photography. All of the following images are from the past year and were completely edited with VSCO Film 5. Enjoy!

Lake Serene

Recently went on an amazing hike up to lake serene and thought id share a little bit about it with you! The way up to the lake was completely covered in snow, which at first i thought was cool but as i progressed through the trail i learned it was difficult to manage. It was icy and slippery and uncomfortable to walk on. But after a rough two hours i made it to the top (I’m slow). Heres a small collection of shots from the trip. The first few shots were shot with my minolta srT101 film camera with the new Kodak Ektar 100 film. I also added in some shots i took and edited with my iphone (I forgot my SD card so i couldn’t use my camera). Enjoy!

Jon Sweet was ready for wanderlust

Black Anchor Workshop C.E.O.

Black Anchor Workshop C.E.O.

Reflect on your own

Hey Everyone! go check out my new site Schenckvisual.co! much apreciated!

Taken with my minolta. Cousin journey

In Native Tongue

Caught Grammin

Beach Vibes →

A short film i made of a trip with my friend to ocean shores. Colored using VSCO film

Bring It With Me

Open Roads Are Made For Jumping

Grant VanAlstine

The Jumper

Portrait: Zach Reed